SilverScripting's Project Home

What is this?

Well this is just a place to keep all my project's documentation etc. under one place… I was using stikipad but apparently they dissapeared in the void so… here I am! Hopefully wikidot won't let me down!


  • Nawte : A what-you-see-is-what-you-mean editor for mootools
  • SilverAjax : A cross-browser XMLHttpRequest wrapper
  • Pamoorama : Google it, you'll find it…
  • MooTabs : Same, google is your friend!
  • MooSlides : Sliding panels for mootools
  • Useful Javascript Snippets : Just a bunch of useful Javascript classes or snippets that don't really require a page on their own
  • MooDataTable : As the name suggests, a data table for MooTools 1.2

More to follow…

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